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FAQ for WhoCallingYou Users
There are several reasons why you can't find a telephone number in our website. First of all, the caller may not be entered into any information databases. Secondly, fraudsters most often use false numbers. Thirdly, the extent of data is not 100%, so caller ID information is limited.
Currently, in WhoCallingYou you can find only U.S. and Canadian phone numbers. Though, in our plans are expanding to other countries, so you can find who calls you anywhere in the world.
In order to simplify the use of our website, we have made it possible for users to indicate whether the number is reliable or not by clicking the button. In this way, we help you avoid encounter with the fraudsters.
If you want to leave a comment without revealing your real name, click on the "I'd rather post a guest" box near the bottom of the comments interface. Then type in any name and enter your e-mail. We will not show it tho other users, but it is necessary to discourage spammers and bots.
If you posted as a registered WhoCallingYou user, click the drop down arrow to delete it, or click “Edit” to change your comment. If you posted as a guest, please contact us to remove your comment. Be sure to include the number and commenter name in your message.

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