Privacy policy

Privacy policy

We care about our clients, so we created a website that is useful and safe at the same time. To guarantee the best quality of our services for all the customers, you have to give some information that is required. In order to be clear with you and our community we want you to know how we use that information and how can you protect it. Our goal was to give inform you in the clearest way possible, so if you do not understand some terms like Cookies, e-mail and more, please read about them first.

What does Privacy Policy means?

In case to protect clients' or customers' privacy, this is a statement that guarantees closure of some or any kind of personal information that was given to the party. It includes all types of information that client or customer gives us or information we get from you using our services – like cookies, history and more. Privacy policy declares about how and what information is collecting and how the company uses it. It also informs what kind of personal information is private, shared with other persons or clients. It is a statement that has to be available for all the customers and clients of company.

How the information you entered is used?

It is always a customers' choice whether to give us any information or no, but if you decline to give us the information we keep the right not to provide our services to you. If you do give us your personal information like Name or e-mail, we guarantee:


Our website, as well as many others at the moment, use cookies to serve the best results for you. It is a small text data file about the users' web data that helps to separate the visitors' information and adapt the web. We use them to store the personal information on your computer to our data system – like language you are using and other settings. It is all made for your browsing through our website be more comfortable and useful. You can always disable cookies but it may cause failure for some of the website functions.

Changes or Privacy Policy

We always refresh our website for the best quality of using so the statement of privacy policy may change during the time. Any changes that might be made will be posted on this website and the client's will be informed about it. We guarantee not to reduce rights of any user under this Privacy Policy without clients' explicit consent.